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Computer Misuse:  alleged attempted hack of charity website
Computer misuse:  email bomb / denial of service
Computer Misuse:  Global Hack Attack
Computer misuse:  very large-scale Distributed Denial of Service attacks “leading to slow-down of part of the Internet”
Computer Misuse:  telecommunications
Computer Misuse:  sub-prime insurance
Computer misuse: compromise of multiple e-commerce websites
Conspiracy to defraud:  large-scale counterfeiting of Microsoft products
Conspiracy to defraud: theft of IPR in database
Conspiracy to defraud investors: “Prime Bank instruments”
Conspiracy to defraud:  skimmed and cloned credit cards
Conspiracy to defraud: bank account take-over
Conspiracy to defraud: Internet banks
Conspiracy to distribute indecent images of children
Conspiracy to evade duty:  carousel fraud - cellphones
Conspiracy to facilitate illegal entry into UK:  58 dead Chinese
Conspiracy to import / distribute narcotics
Conspiracy to murder:  “contract killing” - - collateral computer evidence
Conspiracy to obtain property by deception: internal fraud at credit card company
Conspiracy to pervert the court of justice
Conspiracy to steal - provenance of bank records
Corruption:  state (South Africa)
Credit card fraud,  ATM compromise
Criminal Damage to computer systems
Electronic Funds Transfer Fraud
Forgery and Counterfeiting: banknotes,  cheques
Fraud:  EPOS
Fraud:  insurance broker
Fraud:  Internet auctions
Fraud:  misuse of of Post Office Horizon system
Grievous Bodily Harm:  “Hotmail” email evidence
Handling stolen goods:  collateral computer evidence
Harassment:  “web-rage” / flame wars
Harassment by email
Importation of narcotics:  reliability of overseas interception evidence
Indecent Assault:  collateral computer evidence
“Making” and “possession” of indecent images of children - also “distribution” and “incitement to distribute”
Money laundering:  “local commission agent”
Money laundering:  as part of a large “phishing” conspiracy
Murder and conspiracy to murder - multiple victims - collateral computer evidence
Murder: alibi evidence
Murder: alleged tampering with statements
Narcotics:  illegal production of cannabis, incitement to grow cannabis
Obscene Publications Act:  place of publication issues
Official Secrets Act:  Hi-Tech espionage by alleged KGB agent
Perjury:  by police officer (also went to disciplinary tribunal)
Possession of “chipped” cable tv decoder
Representation of the People Act: electoral abuse by publication
Sexual assault by doctor : collateral computer evidence
Software piracy -warez - large scale global conspiracy
Terrorism: conspiracy to cause explosions
Terrorism:  possession of offending materials
Theft:  evidence from National Lottery terminal
Theft:  compromise of garage records
Theft:  evidence from cash register equipment
Theft:  abuse of magnetic stripe cards
Trade Marks Act, Copyright and Designs Act:  software games and video piracy
Organised hijack of gold bullion:  review of Internet activity
Conspiracy to supply fire-arms during London riots:  review of Internet and Bbay activity
“Crash for Cash” insurance claims fraud:  authorship of key documents
Alleged abuses by UK armed forces during Iraq war:  forensic examination of servers and computers
Special Tribunal on the Lebanon (the Hague):  review of cellphone records evidence
FSA claims that company misled investors:  examination of servers, PCs,  email evidence
Money laundering:  accusations of aiding funds transfer in connection with large-scale Nigerian fraud
The  following are some of the areas in which Peter Sommer has been instructed as an expert witness in criminal matters.  A list specifically identifying these together with details of instructing solicitors is available to lawyers by application here.